315B Ultrasonic Rat/Pest Repellent (Warehouse Use)

315B Ultrasonic Rat/Pest Repellent (Warehouse Use)

Quality Certificate:CE

Applicable for warehouse, farm and factory, restaurant
Effective area: 8, 000 square feet for open space
Frequency: 12 KHZ to 65 KHZ
US EPA No. 47263-TW-002,
CE approval
Expell Bird, rats, mice, cockroach, beetles, ticks, bees,
and other insects such as fly, wasps, spiders, etc




In order to improve our PEST OUTI, we have under iakce many Seid experimnents. From these experimenta, heory and resul ta continuously indicate that pests are exp e lled by the direct stimulation on their central nerves, through the ultrasonic wave The ultrasonic wave aitacks the audrory ard nervous syaten of pesis causing pain and discomfort. Poats are impossible to stay.


1. Ultrascnic wave causes great pain and discomfort to pes'a but doea no harm to humane and peta. I'a ene ot the most aanitary waya to gotrid ofthe annoying pests.
2. Prequencies tange trom 20 Khz, t0 63 Ehz modulaied ultrasonic waveg are em ted trom PEST OUTI which forces pesis to leave.

3. The Ulurasonic waves emitted [rom PEST OU'TI will net interfere with any electronic appliances.

4.inone to three weeke your indes tation will be eliminated and continual use ol PEST OUTI Wil prevent further nesting and inhabitations.

Pest-Repellent-Warehouse-Use (2)

1. Plug in the Pest Out!

2. 2urn the inob of sweep speed clockwise trom 1- 10 dial. A red light indicates that power is on. Each week change the sweeping speed of modulated frequencies, the pest can not get used to the sounds.

3. Adjust tbe so und wave trequency control knob to bird/rodent/insect pazt, and aweop trequencies ase generated to eliminate peats., Turncounter gloakwise the control knob to the left to check the Peat Out! If it prod uces a thrilling sound itm function is normal

4. The sounds may cause a somewha! ur ple as ant re action to some people. You can adj ust It to a higher setting which is nol audible.



Pest Out! Should be placed at a beight of 20-80em above the ground, and the wavas sho uid be to wards hard wall surface or ron etc, so that the wave bounce off several times along the wall of the room back and (or th al various points,ctossing theis own path, untl the room ia salurated.


Pest Out! Is used for : homes, shops, Iatchens, dinning roorns, restauzarta,supermarketa, food processing factories, warebouses, hompitals, granaries,

computer rooms. ships. docks, farrns, eic.


Min.Order Unit Price
60 Piece/Pieces 65.00/Piece

Safety/Quality Approvals:CE
Country of Origin:Taiwan
Sales Method:Export ,Manufacture
Payment Terms:T/T